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This is me!

“You will not recognize your kids by 2016. You will be in assisted living by 2018. You will likely pass away by 2020.” 


Those are the words I was told in 2013 after a team of doctors evaluated me for months. 


The reason I had so many doctors was that after years of living with debilitating migraines, light and sound sensitivity, always asking my 4 kids to whisper, extreme fatigue, insomnia, anger issues, social anxiety, dizziness, seizures, difficulty speaking, depression, difficulty understanding conversations, trouble concentrating, inability to make new memories, trouble following a GPS to get to nearby locations, and a loss of long term memories; I had finally had enough and attempted suicide. I no longer wanted to live with my traumatic brain injury caused by multiple concussions. I didn’t want to follow in the path of all the other athletes who suffered from CTE.


I was furious when I was revived and told that I would live, I was angry that they put me in a mental hospital, but it turned out to be a great blessing. I began the process of learning to live with the “new” me. Accepting that I would no longer thrive in a professional sports front office, I would never 

get that Ph.D. that I always dreamed of, I would never run my 5th marathon, and I would absolutely never be a college professor. I wasn’t happy with the prognosis, but I was learning to live with it, and I made a pact to love my kids as much as I could through my early-onset dementia diagnosis. I started keeping journals for them to read after I passed. I wanted them to know how much I loved them during the big moments of their lives, that we knew I wouldn’t be present for. Our family learned to enjoy each moment and not take anything for granted.


But here I am—thriving—as if 2008-2015 never happened. So what changed? I began taking some gut health supplements to lose weight, and while I did lose over 20lbs, I also regained everything my TBI had taken away. 


Years ago, there was no research connecting gut health to brain health, but I was proof of it! Now there is a ton of research, and I can confidently share that Plexus products are so effective that there is nothing I can’t do. My brain has grown back in most areas and now functions almost as if it was never damaged!


Once you are told you are dying, you can’t help but live a more purposeful life—A life where you take nothing for granted and find the joy in every moment. 


I have made it my life’s goal to help everyone live their best life. I believe that I can help you find an all-natural supplement to help you reach your health and happiness goals. I also know that with my life coaching certification, I can help you discover your purpose, learn to dream again and move towards those dreams, help you build your business or grow in your career by setting long term goals and daily steps to move you toward your goals, overcome the hurdles that prevent you from achieving continued financial and success growth (hitting a goal and then sliding back to where you started), and truly start living the life of your dreams NOW, not in some far off future.


I’d love to jump on the phone with you to discuss your dream life. It is closer than you can imagine!

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