This is me!

I'll admit, I am a lot. I am not everyone's cup of tea. I have been accused of being too honest. I don't have a poker face, which means if I think you are saying something ridiculous, you know it. I love my kids more than anything, and it is possible that I talk about them so much, you'll get annoyed. I am so positive, that you may have to roll your eyes every so often because, I get it... You just want to be negative about stuff once in awhile, and I don't let you (at least that is what my husband tells me).

So how did I pick up all of those annoying traits? I've been through a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Some things I am not ready to share here for the world, because it will hurt people I love. But other things I am open and honest about, because every trial led me to exactly where I am.

Through my blog posts, you will slowly learn more and more about me and how I have handled the trials. But I believe there is one that is critical to why I am the way I am today. The super short version - I've had a crap ton of concussions, and because everyone asks...I played rugby in college, snow skied, all the water sports, cheered, car accidents and I am sure hit my head a few times just being clumsy. And then I had the big one. At the time I worked in the NHL for the Nashville Predators, I had the best doctors and the best support system, but nothing I did helped. Doctors suggested I retire...forever. I was 35 years old.  Over the next 6 years, my brain health continued to decline and doctors said the worst 3 letters ever, CTE. They couldn't determine for sure until I died, but they also predicted that would be within the next few years. Their prognosis? You will not recognize your children by 2016, you will be in full care assisted living by 2018 and you won't live much past that. You may look at me know and think that I didn't take that lying down and I fought like heck to get healthy. You would be wrong. I completely gave up, on everything, including myself.

So how am I here? Two words: Plexus Supplements. I am happy to answer any questions you have about them, in fact, you can even learn more by clicking Plexus at the top of this page. But hold off, it is much better if we discuss your goals, before you just start ordering stuff! Anyway, it turns out that gut health has an amazing impact on brain health. Who knew? I didn't! I started the products to try and lose weight since I couldn't exercise anymore. It's been 4.5 years since I took my first probiotic. The headaches went away immediately, but everything else has been like a new gift each day as I continue to get better and better.

And there you have it...When you are told you are going to die, and then you don't. Every morning you wake up is a blessing. Every time you talk to your kids it is a blessing. Every friend you are able to hang out with is a blessing. Everything is a blessing. I am grateful every single day, and honestly I struggle when people don't see what a blessing it is to have woken up today.

But I didn't know how to help people without just being rude and telling them  to stop complaining and start being grateful and start loving on their kids!  So I got a life coach. And she changed my life and I didn't even think I needed changing! And then she taught me to be a life coach so that I can help you and your family!

My passion is to help you become healthier, wealthier and happier, whether it is through coaching, counseling, gut health, weight loss, goal setting or put more simply teaching you to believe in yourself and your possibilities; teaching you to  dream bigger and helping you figure out how to reach your dreams. 

I hope that I will have the opportunity to chat with you soon!

Oh! And in case it matters, I have a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Sport Management, and am a Certified HBR Method Coach and #FutureBoards Trainer.