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Are you crazy busy and trying to figure out what YOU are actually passionate about?


I will help you figure it out, set goals and reach them while supporting you through a simple, yet amazing system!


Are you living your

Dream Life?

Do you want to...

Learn to uncover your passions and dream for yourself?

Obtain optimal health?

Increase your income?

Grow your network marketing business?

Set huge goals and remove the blocks preventing you from reaching them?

Want to release all of the judgement that has been weighing you down? 



When I first started working with Tiffanie in January, she was making less than $800 a month as a network marketer. By June she more than TRIPLED her monthly income and pulled in $2386.83! Here's what she had to say about my coaching:

"Kristy is a mindset master! She is absolutely not afraid to ask the hard questions and get to the true root of what is holding you back. Her coaching was one of the hardest things I've ever done but the benefits and results I've had in every aspect of my life have been SO worth it! Commit to the process and prepare to be amazed!"



"Recently I have been in a very intense and amazing mindset, one on one coaching course with the incredible Kristy Estes Barkley. I have heard over and over how powerful our minds really are. I was a huge skeptic.... I didn’t believe that the internal thoughts I had daily and the internal barriers/walls/fears I had created (a lot of which I was completely unaware of) really made that big of a difference in my day-to-day. I am pleased to tell you this skeptic has turned into a full believer.

If you have ever doubted yourself or had fears surrounding your greatness... know I’ve been there. I’ve manifested some incredible blessings in my life in the last 3 months that I know wouldn’t have been possible without this training."

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