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You Cannot Teach, What You Don't Practice

Wow! Read that again! You cannot teach, what you don’t practice.

When I originally heard that, I thought of my business. Too often, I am suggesting others do specific things to reach their goals, while I am not doing the same things to reach mine.

I know what it takes to reach the top level in my company, and I had gotten complacent. I was comfortable. My husband makes great money and I make really good money and although I said I wanted more, I wasn’t doing the things to earn more. The problem with that is, I have a team full of people that truly need more!

Whether they need better health, more income, or more joy in their life; I need to be taking the steps toward those things daily, to help them get there also.

Last week I attended a mastermind with 30 other amazing ladies in my company, that I had never met before. It was created by Brooke Hemingway, who has hit the top of our company 3 times and runs about 5 other companies, but who is counting. She brought Amberly Lago and Tiffany Peterson on board and we all spent 3 solid days together, and my life will forever be changed.

They created a space where I was able to not only learn so much from them, but where I could hear God loud and clear. From His words and their teachings, I feel comfortable committing to be in the trenches with my team.

I will be eating healthier. I plan to do yoga each morning and a weight and cardio workout at a different time in the day. I will be creating more and sharing more. I will be teaching from my heart each and every day. Why am I so committed to this?

It isn’t just about the money; it is about transformation. Plexus is an amazing tool, to help you get healthier, grow a community, and make great money. Each of those things can transform your life for the better! Drinking a pink drink may not transform you completely, but it is a great tool to help you reach all of your dreams if you are consistent and believe that you are worth it and commit to simple changes each day.

What if today I share with someone who has horrible mood swings, depression, anxiety an no energy; how do you think the state of their relationships is right now? Probably not good, no one loves hanging out with miserable people. So, what happens when I help them get to the root cause of their hormone imbalance, I help them have more energy, their depression eases and they become much happier in their daily life. How do you think their relationships will be in 90 days? So much better!!! You see, that is transformational, and if I stop sharing, I may not be able to help that one person. As long as there is one more person who needs help, I will keep sharing.

More importantly, I will lead the way and help others share, because I may be able to touch 100 people. But if those 100 each touch 10, I will have had a hand in changing the lives of 1,000 people.

That is a lot of marriages saved, health issues reversed, friendships created, bankruptcies prevented, addictions ended and suicides prevented. You may think I am being overly dramatic, but I know I am not. This week I met ladies who fit into each of those categories, and they will tell you that Plexus changed everything for them. Plexus saved their lives.

And I will boldly tell you that Plexus saved my life, and once it was saved, it began to transform.

I will be practicing what I teach, because I don’t want to miss a single person who needs my support.

On a last note, if you have made it this far, but you are in the business of raising a family, and not a business, please practice what you teach! You children will learn from your actions, if your words are contradictory to your actions, they won’t believe you.

Take good care of your health and show them how to do that. Be a good steward of your money, but also talk to them at age-appropriate levels about money, the good and the bad, and the importance of money. (My best friends husband has a saying “It isn’t really a problem if you have the money to fix it.” – that will be a whole other blog). Believe that you are strong, amazing, beautiful, a child of God, inspiring, abundant, and getting better each day; and then they will be able to find those strengths in themselves.

Where else should you be practicing what you teach?

I would love to hear from you! Drop me a note, or DM me on FB or IG!

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