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The Move(s)

I last wrote about my depression and anxiety rearing its ugly head again. I also shared that I knew it was situational, and now that the plans around our situation are starting to be laid out, I feel much better…most days.

Today has been tougher than most, because a huge leap of faith in our move, was the decision to pull Andrew out of traditional school and begin homeschooling him. This option has been weighing on me for awhile now. Ever since he received the Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis, I began to see everything differently. It has taken awhile to fully process and discover where his strengths and weaknesses lie. I couldn’t be more grateful for the school he is in this year. You will very rarely hear me sing the praises of public schools, the teachers, yes. But the budgets and rules and testing they have to focus on, well I won’t get started. Yet Sequoyah Elementary and the support staff, especially his teachers, have been absolutely remarkable. With their expertise, thoughts, and suggestions, I feel much better prepared to begin the homeschooling curriculum.

If you know me, you know that I do nothing halfway, and I never settle for “fine”. That may be one of my least favorite four-letter words. So, when I told Rob that I wanted to home school Andrew, he was not on board. He knew I was capable he just wasn’t sure I would be able to do all the things up to my level of satisfaction. I talked to lots of people, I read a ton (shocking, right? As I am on book 53 for the year, no one should be surprised!), I prayed about it, over and over and over again. Every single conversation, and prayer, led me closer to the certain conclusion, that homeschooling will be perfect for Andrew right now. He is equal parts excited and nervous, as am I. We have fun things planned though and I can’t wait to share that journey with you all. All of the grandparents and siblings will play a part in his schooling, which is the best thing ever!

Along with decision to home school Andrew, we have another big MOVE…we are headed back to Middle Tennessee (Lebanon, more specifically), which may not surprise anyone (except us). The reason for the move is actually the biggest surprise. After 22 years in the aftermarket auto parts industry, the tall guy has decided to join his stepdad in the real estate world. He will be learning from the absolute best. Jeff has bought, built, rented, sold, invested, and managed properties for 40 years now, and after a decade of saying “no”, we feel like the time is actually perfect for Rob to start learning the industry and hopefully help lighten Jeff’s load while also growing in ways that Rob and I have always dreamed about. Walking away from what he has always known and has served him well, is another crazy leap of faith, but it feels 100% right and I believe all things are falling into place, just as they should.

I won’t be MOVING so much as expanding. While I thought next year would be the beginning of my journey towards a PhD, it will actually be the beginning of a new career instead. Rob has already begun his real estate license journey, and I will begin mine the first week of January. I won’t be giving anything up though, I will just be adding wonderful things to what I already love.

And I am excited to add:

  • Half-Marathon training with Isaac

  • Home Schooling Andrew

  • Real Estate with Rob

As you can see, this MOVE is much bigger than any of our previous moves. It isn’t just a location change. It will be a lifestyle change, a career change, an education change, and a time management whirlwind. But we will be surrounded by family and that is almost always a beautiful thing!

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