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Consistency Wins!!

My word of 2022 is “Consistency”. My goal in choosing that word, was to consistently do the things that are important to me each day. Not to the point of exhaustion, but to do at least a little each day in the areas that will move me closer to my goals.

It started off pretty rocky, because we moved at the end of January, which meant I spent much of the month packing and arranging things for the move. It stayed tough in February, because we actually lived with my in-laws, while our house was being built.

My goal was to workout 6 days a week, blog at least once a week, eat more fruits and vegetables, work my Plexus business 5 days a week, complete at least 1 hour of real estate classes each day, until complete, attend at least 1 networking event a month, read my scriptures daily, go to church each week, and travel somewhere each month. All of these personal things, on top of figuring out how to homeschool Andrew and attempting to be an attentive and loving wife.

It is the beginning of April, and I have proven to be consistent in 2 areas, Plexus work and working out. And the proof is in the results. Check out the side by sides…The first is of my work goals that I wrote down on March 1st, to have my biggest month ever, and I did it. The second is of my body’s transformation, although my weight stayed the same.

What this shows me is that I can be consistent in some things, which means I can totally be consistent in more things. And more importantly it shows me that consistency pays off! It sure didn’t feel like it in January and February, but at the end of March when I truly evaluated the results, it is evident that those experts were right all along! Working at least a little bit each day toward big goals, isn't overwhelming, and can create huge results!

With that said, I will be getting more consistent in other areas, and am thrilled to see the results as they come in.

Have you made new years resolutions that you’ve already given up on? It is not too late to focus on them again! You made the resolution, so by the end of 2022, you would be changed. You still have 9 months to go!!! The bonus? Life doesn’t end in 9 months!! You get to take your progress, growth and change into 2023 and keep going!!

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