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Carry On, In The Midst of Chaos

This weekend after my #FutureBoards workshop, someone asked me

"How do you stay positive and keep setting goals and moving forward, when the world is in complete chaos and there is so much hate and end of world stuff going on?"

It took me a minute, because no one had ever asked me that before, and then I was just honest, because that is all I know how to be, I don't have a poker face.

I have been through a lot of awful things, traumatic, ptsd causing type things emotionally. And then there is my health, I know you resulted in a mess of a life for a long time. Most of you on here know my story, so I won't go into that. But here is what I have learned:

Every single time I felt like my life was ending, and it didn't, I had to carry on. As I carried on, each time something more beautiful came about that I never would have discovered if the path I thought I should be on hadn't been demolished first.

Every. Single. Time. Something better came into my life after the tragedy I survived.

So I hold strong to that knowledge and when I feel like things can't get any worse, I know that they are likely about to get way better, I just have to keep moving forward or sideways, just not backwards.

I think, that the people who never make it to the better version on the other side of tragedy, are stuck. They are so wrapped up in their head and full of hate and anger and sadness and they don't know how to move forward or choose not to move around the huge road block, it's as if they don't see the Detour sign and they are just sitting with their car in park at the Road Closed sign.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by all of the hate being spread in the world, if you are struggling personally or financially, I encourage you to look for the Detour sign. I feel strongly that there is another option out there for you, that will allow you to make a change and lead you somewhere greater than you ever imagined.

But first be open to putting your car in reverse so that you can see the signs and then drive forward in a different direction. If you just stay parked, you will eventually run out of gas.

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