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Are You Talking To Yourself?

Let’s talk about the thoughts that pop into your brain when you have an idea, a dream or a goal.

What are they? How do they sound? Are they supportive or warning you to not even try?

Do you realize that your brain believes every single one of them? Yep, every. Single. Thought. The words you say most often? Your brain focuses on those and the universe brings you more of that in your life.

Your thoughts are that powerful!! So how do you control what your brain believes? First you must start by catching the negative or limiting thoughts, and it isn’t good enough just to push them away, you have to replace them! Your brain must have something else to put in that file. (Imagine your brain is full of file folders and it is filing away everything you say.)

Recently I was coaching someone who “used to” struggle with confidence and feelings of anxiety. We can tie almost every other hang-up in her life, to these two issues. The first thing I suggested she do, is never utter the phrase “I am not confident…” or “I am anxious about….” Or “I am feeling anxious” again. Like never ever again, they must be removed from her vocabulary. But they start almost all her sentences, so what is a girl to do? Rephrase everything!

“I am confident that I will sustain and continue to grow my wealth.”

“I am confident that people see me as the leader I am.”

“I am confident that I have great friends, who enjoy hanging out with me.”

Now anxiety, that is a little different, and many need more than positive affirmations, to help with it. Lucky for this lady, she has discovered a combo of Plexus products that have helped her overwhelming anxiety tremendously. But for years, she has begun statements with “I am anxious about…” So how do we retrain her brain? The wonderful thing about the brain is, once again, it believes what we tell it!! So even though physiologically she is feeling less anxious, she was still telling her brain she was anxious. But did you know that the brain does not know the difference between fear and excitement? It fires in the exact same areas whether you just had a shark jump out of the water at you or you were gifted a new car. The brain doesn’t know the difference! And what is anxiety? The fear of something that hasn’t happened yet. So how does she retrain her brain? Yep, you guessed it, rephrase everything!

“I am so excited to go on this trip and meet new people.”

“I am so excited to chat with my friend about these products I love.”

“I am so excited to go to the gym and workout today.”

How do a few simple statements change your life? They won’t, unless you say them every day, multiple times a day. Write them, record them (try the repeatitagain app) and listen to them, tape them to your bathroom mirror and say them out loud to yourself. You can’t do this enough, it is so important. But please here me on this, you can’t look in the mirror and say “I am a millionaire” every day and then go sit on the couch and watch Netflix. That is not the way this works! You must do the work to make your dreams come true and reach your goals. But if you can convince your brain that the things are already happening and success is already on its way to you, the universe will prepare the opportunities, as long as you are putting your actions where your thoughts are.

Your power statements also have a way of saving you when you mind starts to spin out of control and down the rabbit hole. I know this from personal experience. The other day, someone said something that hurt my feelings and made me feel less than and unworthy. In the past, that would have started a downward spiral so quickly and it could have left me upset for days. But I have been working on this method for months now, and it truly was remarkable how quickly my mind took control! I heard the words, they stung, I started to cry. But as soon as I started to cry, my mind started spinning, but it went up instead of down! True story, this was the dialogue in my head while crying “I am great, I am smart, I am valuable, I am a great leader, I am worthy, I am strong…” It cycled through over and over and over. And within about 10 minutes I was right back to normal. It was nothing short of miraculous in my opinion. And hear me on this…It is okay if you don’t believe those statements about me. The important thing is that my brain believes them and I am growing into them.

I have trained my brain so well, that even though immediate actions caused sadness; my brain didn’t accept it and lifted me right back up. Here is the thing, when you first start saying and listening to your power statements, your brain won’t believe them because they’ve never heard them. Don’t stop saying them! You may feel like a fraud at first, don’t stop saying them! I promise you, if you can learn this one skill, all the other things in life you hope to accomplish will be so much easier, because your brain already believes them to be true!

As always, if you struggle in this area, please reach out. I would be happy to help you!

For anyone who doesn’t even know where to begin with their power statements, here are some examples. Take the ones you like, make them yours and expand on the areas you hope to change.

1. I always do everything I need to do, when I need to do it.

2. I eat healthy and work out daily, I am strong and healthy.

3. I am a good listener – I hear everything that is said – I am attentive, interested, and aware of everything that is going on around me.

4. I never spend more than I earn. I am financially responsible, both for my present and my future.

5. I have the courage to state my opinions. I take responsibility for myself and everything I say and do.

6. I set goals and I reach them. I know what I want out of life. I go after it and I get it.

7. Today I am unstoppable!

8. I never limit myself by the short-sighted beliefs of others. Instead, I open myself up to the broad horizons of unlimited possibility.

9. I begin each day with a clear mind and a specific plan to get the most from my time and effort. I follow my plan and I reach my goals.

10. The people around me, love and support me.

11. I have the courage to ask for the help I need.

12. I attract leaders to my business.

13. I live in my dream home.

14. I travel the world with my family – first stop Rome!

15. I am amazing at my job, I work hard and the results are evident.

16. I am so happy, confident and I have everything I need.

17. Abundant wealth is on it’s way to me.

18. I am truly successful and the people I love are proud of me.

19. It is okay to say no, I am working on my priorities and accomplishing my goals.

20. I am worthy.

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